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Addressing the link between culture and the arts, and the social, economic and political milieu, this program will address five related areas:

  • cultural theory
  • cultures of childhood
  • gender, sexuality and culture
  • global and local culture
  • manuscript, print and digital culture.

The program will build upon existing and growing strengths at The University of Winnipeg, including its most recent Canada Research Chair in the Cultures of Childhood.

Cultures of Childhood

Courses in this area investigate historical and contemporary cultural discourses in texts that use the figures of “the child,” “the boy,” and “the girl” as important rhetorical strategies–not only print texts, but also Internet texts, films, TV texts, texts of material culture such as toys and video games, as well as oral texts such as family stories and schoolyard games. Studying texts designed for young readers, in particular, allows for theoretical investigations into the manufacture of consent in liberal democratic cultures.

This area of concentration is supported by the presence of the Canada Research Chair in the Culture of Childhood in the Department of English and the related Centre for Research in Young People’s Texts and Cultures.

Watch this space for further announcements.

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For general inquiries regarding the program contact Professor Alden Turner at 786-9283 or

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