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International Research in Children’s Literature, Vol. II, Issue 2 will be a special themed issue, and in keeping with the global reach of International Research in Children’s Literature the theme will be: ‘Internationalisation, Transculturalism and Globalisation: Manifestations in Children’s Literature and Film.’

As children’s literature circulates transnationally, and regional children’s literatures flourish across the world as never before, scholarship in the field is increasingly engaged with the consequences of globalisation for children’s literature and culture.

Contributors may wish to address some aspects of the following topics:

  • Children’s literature and theories of global change
  • Cultural encounters across nations and continents
  • Importation, adaptation, and domestication
  • Culture and simulacra
  • Glocalisation: dialogues between local literatures and global cultures
  • Transnational influences of canons
  • Cultural and epistemological heritages: from Eurocentrism to ‘Made in Japan’
  • Migration, globalisation and the interpenetration of cultures
  • Children’s literature and national identities
  • Children’s literature and hyphenated identities
  • Multiculturalism: a failed theoretical paradigm, or a paradigm uniquely suited for the age of globalisation?
  • Difference and ‘deviance’
  • Globalisation and childhood (or adolescence) as a distinct phase of life
  • Globalising femininity and masculinity
  • Children’s literature and global religious movements
  • Theories of children’s literature and globalisation
  • Globalisation and comparative criticism
  • Globalisation and the present state of postcolonial literature and criticism
  • Global children’s commercial culture and the impact on local traditions
  • The influence of multinational publishing houses and studios
  • Children’s literature and the world wide web.

The deadline for the receipt of articles for consideration for Vol. II, Issue 2, will be 28 February 2009. Please send these to John Stephens – and Pamela Knights – Please include ‘IRCL’ in your subject line, and give 5 key words, and some brief information about yourself and your paper in the main body of the email.

Submissions should conform with the IRCL style guide. Images should be kept to a minimum (3-5 max); the responsibility for copyright permission lies with the contributor.

CFP – Special Issue of IRCL: Internationalisation, Transculturalism and Globalisation: Manifestations in Children’s Literature and Film