Call for Papers For ARCYP Session with ACCUTE at 2010 Congress

In the new environmental movement there is a great deal of discourse around saving the environment for children. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is now a picture book intended to teach young readers about the dangers of global warming. Many environmental groups have created educational programs designed to warn children of our destructive lifestyles. This is not the first time or place in history that the child has been taught about preserving nature, nor is it the first time that a social cause has been justified in terms of an adult duty of care towards children. This panel invites papers that deal with the relationships between the concepts of “the child” and “ecology,” or papers that analyze children’s texts and culture from an eco-critical perspective.

Potential topics include:

  • the role of the study of children’s texts and culture for eco-critics
  • “the child” as an important critical term for ecological criticism
  • the role that assumptions about “the child” play in justifying an adult duty of care towards the environment
  • the ethical implications of the teachings of eco-friendly attitudes to children and youth
  • environmentalism as imagined in youth culture
  • young people as eco-activists

Please submit your 100-word abstract and 50-word biographical note via email to by November 15, 2009.

Download this CFP as a PDF here.

CFP – Eco-Childhood: The Child, Ecology, and Eco-criticism