Call For Papers For ARCYP Session with ACCUTE at 2010 Congress

It is often claimed that young people are our future. “Hope and change” have long been associated with young people, but they have also become shimmering catchphrases in political discourses promising some brighter future. To what extent do current ideas, representations, and/or realities concerning youth and youth cultures offer possibilities for re-imagining current local and global struggles for equality, inclusion, alterity, and progress?

Some possible topics may include:

  • rhetorics of reconciliation
  • children’s rights
  • alternative literacies and/or critical pedagogies
  • discourses of nationhood, progress, security, war and/or terrorism
  • struggles for human/civil rights (disability, gender, race, class, sexuality, etc.)
  • transnationalism and families
  • mobility, space, displacement, and/or homelessness
  • environmental issues
  • DIY, culture jamming, youth culture and subcultures

Please submit your 100-word abstract and 50-word biographical note via email to by November 15, 2009.

Download this CFP as a PDF here.

CFP – Hope and Change?: Young People’s Cultures and Social Justice