Call For Papers For ARCYP Session with ACCUTE at 2010 Congress

Close to 80% of citizens live in urban spaces in Canada, just one of many nations and regions where urbanization is a primary fact of young people’s lives and where many young people’s identities are defined by their experience of living in cities. With its complex social networks and its ethnic and cultural diversity, the city invites multiple possibilities for self-invention or refashioning. The urban environment shapes how young people, from infants to adolescents, are able to express particular identities, participate in peer culture, and engage with their families. This session aims to address questions of how young people negotiate and create urban spaces and, conversely, how urban spaces accommodate young people.

Possible topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • representations of the urban child
  • the criminalization of youth cultures
  • the surveillence of young people
  • media literacies of the urban child
  • social identities and youth
  • children’s play and public space
  • childhood, youth, and urban lifestyles
  • urban schools
  • postcolonial cities and urban youth
  • cities, globalization and young people
  • young people’s engagement with new technologies in the urban environments
  • GBLT as urban identities
  • homeless youth

Please submit your 100-word abstract and 50-word biographical note via email to by November 15, 2009.

Download this CFP as a PDF here.

CFP – The Child and the City