Call for papers for the 33rd IBBY Congress
Crossing Boundaries: Translations and Migrations

There are two central themes to this congress, both relating to the impact of globalisation.

The first theme is translation: the translation of children’s literature and stories between one language and another, and the translation of stories between one medium and another (for example, books, films, theatre and electronic formats).

The second theme is migration: the migration of people between one country and another with the consequent creation of diaspora, and the migration of cultures and ideas.

Topics and themes for consideration:

  1. Diaspora as a theme in literature for children and young people: The impact of migration on children’s and young people’s literature and storytelling
  2. Children’s and young people’s literature and national identity
  3. The migration of children’s and young people’s authors and illustrators
  4. The translator as mediator in literature for children and young people
  5. Translation of texts for children and young people on the internet, including pirate translations
  6. Translating children’s and young people’s books into and from minority languages
  7. The publishing industry and translations for the young reader
  8. Picture books on the theme of migration
  9. Poetry for children and young people on the theme of migration and as a means of exploring cultural identity and cultural exchange
  10. Theatre and Storytelling: migration and translation in performances for children and young people
  11. Bilingual storytelling and dual language texts for children in multicultural and bilingual education
  12. Digital Storytelling: gathering, creating and sharing stories in transit with children and families in migrant communities
  13. The impact of graphic novels in electronic book formats: interactivity between the content, styles and techniques of graphic novels/comic strips and electronic games
  14. The relationship between and impact upon children’s books and their film adaptations
  15. The integration of digital books with traditional books in independent reading for pleasure
  16. The impact of commercial digital and electronic entertainment technologies on traditional and electronic book format and content
  17. Globalised cultural exchanges in children’s literature: social networks’ role and use in promoting children’s reading and writing for pleasure
  18. New literacies for children and young people in migrant and immigrant communities
  19. The adaptation and transition of fairytales and folk tales across cultural, linguistic and media boundaries
  20. The globalisation of literature for children and young people, the emergence of a new aesthetic in literature for children and young people
  21. Unique and unusual programmes to promote reading for pleasure, e.g. museums, galleries and shrines: the impact of children’s book centres and authors’ museums; reading champions: the use and impact of positive adult role models to promote children’s books and reading

Submissions must be made through the online form available on the IBBY Congress 2012 website.

An abstract (in English) of your proposal, not exceeding 500 words, and a summary (English or Spanish), not exceeding 60 words, must accompany your application.

The papers will be presented at parallel sessions lasting 20 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions.

The closing date for submissions is Thursday 30 June 2011. For more information, please visit –

CFP – Crossing Boundaries: Translations and Migrations