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Call for Papers: It Doesn’t Have to Rhyme: Children and Poetry

The 18th Annual IBBY conference, to be held at Froebel College, Roehampton University, 12 November 2011, will explore aspects of poetry that impinge on young people, with a focus on the question, “Why does poetry matter?,” which begs the more fundamental question, “What is poetry?”

Plenary speakers include Morag Styles, Michael Rosen, Jacqueline Wilson, Susan Bassnett, and a panel involved with the publication of poetry.

Papers are invited for workshop sessions on topics such as:

  • Is there such a thing as poetry specifically for children?
  • What place in the curriculum is there for the poetry of the past, whether poems written for children or those poems which are often regarded as part of our heritage?
  • Can a love of poetry be taught?
  • Is poetry written by children really poetry?
  • What place is there in children’s poetry today for traditional features such as rhythm and rhyme?
  • Can poetry be translated?
  • What is poetry and does it matter anyway?
  • What kind of links, if any, are there between poetry and performance?

Proposals for short presentations (no more than twenty minutes) on these or other related topics should be sent to Pat Pinsent ( by 20 July 2011. Proceedings of IBBY conferences are normally published by the date of the subsequent conference.

CFP – It Doesn’t Have to Rhyme: Children and Poetry