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“Children and Youth in a Changing World”: 2012 Inter-congress of International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES)
Bhubaneswar, India during November 26-30, 2012

Call for Panel Papers: Migrant Children’s Cultures and the Culture of Migrant Childhoods

Immigrant children’s cultures have been re-created across time periods and through various spatial, racial, institutional, and ideological practices. These cultures offer insight into the diverse cultures of children and their societies, and function as sites for analyzing constructions of childhoods. This panel looks at the cultures of migrant children, and engages with the conceptions, contestations, and negotiations of immigrant childhood cultures in their varied possibilities: production, consumption, performance, and embodiment. Migrant children employ various urban spaces, services for their support, along with institutional and familial ideologies, to further deploy new cultural practices in popular culture, food, dress, language, peer groups, writings, and other material, spatial, and literary forms. This panel aims to look at the ways in which migration gives rise to diverse childhood cultures – lived and ideological – across international immigration movements of children and youth. Diverse approaches and methods of exploration of these cultures, in varied texts, and across historical time periods and regions, are especially welcome on this panel.

The panel is attentive to topics on, but not limited to:

  • ethnically and racially diverse children’s and youth sub-cultures in the diaspora
  • cultures of migrant children observable in/ or deployed through spaces and services, foods, dress, language, artifacts, music, writings
  • institutional, familial, and material manifestations of migrant childhood cultures
  • transnational cultures of immigrant children
  • local/global production and/ or consumption by immigrant youth
  • urban, and poor immigrant children’s experiences
  • use of, and production of, social networks and digital media cultures

Please send a 300 word abstract by August 28, 2011 to Anandini Dar:

For more about the conference please contact Deepak Behra:, or David Lancy:

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Note: We are looking for 3 more presenters to possibly open this panel for double session.

CFP – Migrant Children’s Cultures and the Culture of Migrant Childhoods