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CFP: Critical Geographies of Young People: Globalization, Space and Time
AAG Speciality Group Sponsorship: GPOW (Gendered Perspectives on Women) and PGSG (Political Geography Speciality Group), S/CSG Socialist/Critical Speciality Group

AAG Annual Meeting
New York
February 24-28, 2012

Convenors: Tracey Skelton, Jared Wong Wei Ming and Cheng Yi En (National University of Singapore)

Young people’s perspectives have increasingly come to the foreground within Geography. Parallel to this, there has been a shifting presence/absence of young people in public space. Geographers with diverse, yet often converging, interests in the political-economic and social-cultural dimensions have played an important role in granting greater attention towards children’s and young people’s experiences in/across space and time. One trajectory that has emerged examines how changing processes of globalization and localization interact with the rhythms of global/local histories, politics, and identities. A second trajectory centres on debates surrounding how young people experience “transitions” and “growing up,” as well as the intricate ways in which their lives are (re)shaped through different spatialities and temporalities. These emergent geographies gather perspectives on how places, scales, spatialities, and trajectories continue to affect young peoples’ lives. However, we want to critically interrogate these conceptual terms, stretching them beyond their current (and at times taken for granted) deployment and reveal their diverse and multiple interpretations. Furthermore, we ask what are the possible connections between the “global” geographies of young people and the “everyday” temporal modalities that co-produce and shape their gendered, racialised, sexualized and classed experiences across a range of registers, sites, and scales?

This session hopes to engage with these ‘emerging’ young people’s geographies with diverse theoretical and empirical foci. In particular, we are interested in stimulating discussion around notions of “global,” “local,” “space” and “time” in their multiple meanings, materialities and practices to help us understand their impact on children and young people’s lives.

Themes could include, but are not limited to:

  • Geographical imaginaries of the “global,” the “local” and children and youth
  • Global-local negotiations of young people’s experiences, identities, materialities and practices
  • Temporal-spatial complexities of young people “being political” (Isin, 2001) and being citizens
  • The role of “scale” and alternative spatial imaginings in young people’s geographies
  • Political and participatory geographies of young people
  • Young people’s spatiotemporal trajectories, aspirations, and futures
  • Role of “time” in youth mobilities and migrations
  • Young people’s experiences of transitions, “growing up,” and “here and now”
  • Interrogating young people “place” in public from gendered, classed, raced and/or sexualised perspectives
  • Gendered youth experiences of globalization, space and time

Please submit a 200 word abstract by September 8, 2011 to the organizers. You should also provide your name, affiliation and current email address. Please note that when notified that your abstract has been accepted you then have to register for the conference, pay the fee and then up-load your own abstract.

For enquiries and abstracts, please contact:

Tracey Skelton:
Cheng Yi’En:
Wong Wei Ming Jared:

CFP – Critical Geographies of Young People: Globalization, Space and Time