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“For as long as I live, I will be giving words of warning,“ says Gudrun Pausewang in an interview with Spiegel magazine – in the aftermath of the catastrophe in Fukushima, her novel Fall-Out about a nuclear disaster has shot onto the German bestseller lists. The problem of nuclear energy is not the only one the public is tackling at the moment, and with an intensity that had no longer seemed possible during this time of relative political apathy. But if today’s 11- to 13-year-olds, “generation Fukushima” as the Zeit called them, really experienced their political awakening because of the nuclear accident, which means of literary expression will they draw on? By means of what type of literature can they come to terms with their experiences from school lessons and TV? How do nature and the environment feature in the literature for children and young adults?

interjuli 01/12 will look into the topics of the environment and nature. Possible areas of research are:

  • The history of ecological literature for children and young adults
  • The environment between idyll and terror
  • Nature and city/nature and the countryside
  • Environmental utopias and dystopias in children’s and young adults’ literature
  • Poetry for children as nature poetry
  • Didactic requirements of ecological children’s and young adults’ literature
  • Ecological children’s literature on an international level
  • Children’s and young adults’ literature as a medium for ecological awakening
  • Socio-ecological responsibilities of children’s and young adults’ literature

As always, we also encourage contributions that do not pertain to our focal topic. Please send in your manuscripts digitally and in print before September 30, 2011. Guidelines concerning formatting and editing standards will be sent out upon request. interjuli is an interdisciplinary scientific journal dedicated to the research into literature for children and young adults publishing research papers as well as reviews of primary and secondary works.

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CFP – Interjuli Special Issue: Environment and Nature