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Call for Papers for a Session at the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Meeting: The Mind of the Child in the Eighteenth Century
San Antonio, Texas March 22-25, 2012
Submission deadline September 15, 2011

“The Mind of the Child in the Eighteenth Century”
Patrick C. Fleming
219 Bryan Hall, English Dept.
U. of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA, 22903
Tel: (702) 274-7349

This panel hopes to explore intersections between two major emerging fields of eighteenth-century studies: children’s literature and cognitive literary studies.

Papers might address the extent to which pedagogical theorists considered the minds of children; if and how children’s texts envision the material brain; how the emerging field of child psychology shaped literary and cultural notions of childhood; scientific experiments on children; the place of the child’s mind in eighteenth-century poetry; children and the Royal Society; or a range of other topics. Papers with an interdisciplinary focus are especially encouraged.

CFP – The Mind of the Child in the Eighteenth Century