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Seminar on “Meeting Youth Needs in the 21st Century Canada and India: Youth Work, Young People and Youth Policy”
Organized by the Department of Sociology, University of Calcutta
Sponsored by Shastri-Indo-Canadian Institute, New Delhi
Date: 28th – 29th November 2011
Venue: CSSH Hall, 10th Floor, Alipore Campus, Kolkata

Call For Papers:

This multi-disciplinary seminar seeks to explore the notion of the youth from a comparative perspective between two multi-lingual, multicultural democracies of the globe: India and Canada. The burgeoning area of Sociology of Youth has established the need to dig deep into the meaning and identity of youth along with sociopolitical and cultural implications as participants of contemporary societies. In particular, the seminar will delve into the larger context of major world transformations; develop a knowledge base and strategic analytical framework to help understand the emerging realities, issues and challenges relating to youth. It would also explore the current and future youth policy in India & Canada. The seminar will attempt to examine the relevance and potential application of new international thinking and policy approaches, as well as new innovative practices for achieving positive outcomes for the youth. Looking to encourage innovative trans-disciplinary discourses, we warmly welcome abstracts from all disciplines, professions and vocations to unveil the relevance of focusing on youth today in the rapidly changing global and glocal contexts.

Paper abstracts are invited on any of the following:

  • Youth perspectives: Diasporic and Indigenous: India & Canada
  • Youth, Literature and Popular Culture: India & Canada
  • Youth, Media, Performance and Communication: India & Canada
  • Youth and Work: Environment, Migration and Labour: India & Canada
  • Substance Abuse, Violence and Young People: India & Canada
  • Youth, Gender and Sexuality: India & Canada
  • Youth Policy: India & Canada

Instructions for preparation of abstracts

Deadline: 30 September 2011
Language: English
Length: Between 300 and 500 words

Use single space Times New Roman font of 12-point type size in an A4 format with a 1” margin an all sides. Use capital letters for your title, which should not exceed 20 words. List authors in the following order: presenting author first followed by other authors in single continuous lines (initials, name, and surname). Omit titles and degrees. Give the institution of the main author only with full address, as briefly as possible, in brackets immediately after his/her name. The abstract must be informative and specific.

NOTE: Abstracts may be preferably sent as attachment to e-mails given below. (All attachments should be compatible with all version of Windows.)


For further information please contact:
Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee
Convener and HOD
Department of Sociology
Mobile: 09830021103

CFP – Meeting Youth Needs in the 21st Century Canada and India: Youth Work, Young People and Youth Policy