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Call for Papers- Internationalization in Education (18th – 20th Centuries)
Geneva, June 27-30, 2012

Contemporary historiography shows a renewed interest in phenomena of transfer, circulation, diffusion, flux and exchange among different spheres. Notions such as internationalization, globalization and others are used to describe these phenomena. Placing these concepts in their historical and theoretical frameworks, the aim of this Conference is to examine the processes that they designate in the field of education. What is diffused, exchanged, transferred? Are these movements linear, circular or deferred? Transcending national borders, how do actors, networks and institutions mediate educational knowledge and practice? In what social and historical conditions do these mediations take place? What are the constraints and the forces – economic, political, cultural, geographic – that structure these exchanges? Who are the principal beneficiaries of the processes of internationalization? What dynamics of emancipation, exclusion, resistance are produced during global exchanges? The Conference calls upon scholars to contribute by exploring the international dimensions of their areas of study. We will encourage comparative, transnational and entangled approaches to the history of education, the history of childhood and youth and to the history of disabilities. The Organizing Committee will particularly welcome contributions that theorize areas of study, and their inter-relationships, using concepts of class, gender, race and ethnicity.


  1. Individual and Group Actors: Implications and Fields of Intervention
  2. Modes of Internationalization: Cultural Transfers, Traveling Concepts, Multiple Knowledge Bases
  3. Institutional Structures and Impacts of Internationalization between Coordination and Coercion
  4. Space, Time and Levels of Analysis: Interaction among Geographic Areas, Time Periods and Educational Structures
  5. Economic and Political Stakes: Education as an Agent and an Instrument of Power Relationships
  6. Movement towards a Different Form of Internationalization: Utopias and Rebellions
  7. New Sources and Historiographic Approaches: the History of Internationalization as a tool for Understanding the History of Education

Submissions deadline: October 31 2011

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CFP – Internationalization in Education (18th – 20th Centuries)