Journal of Graduate Research in Young People's Materials and Culture

The Journal of Graduate Research in Young People’s Materials and Culture (JGR) is a peer-reviewed open-access e-journal that will publish graduate student research in the areas of children’s and young adult literature, childhood studies, and cultural studies related to children and young people, as well as creative writing for children and young adults. We are committed to promoting outstanding research and creative writing by emerging scholars in children’s and young adult literature. The manuscripts selected for publication undergo a double blind peer review and will be drawn from papers presented at the biennial Graduate Student Children’s Literature Research Conference held at the University of British Columbia.

JGR will publish one issue every two years, concurrent with the conference schedule, but will hopefully grow to become an annual or semi-annual publication over time with open submissions year-round. Issues will be published in the fall following the conference (i.e. October 2012 publication after the May 2012 conference) and the theme of each journal issue will reflect the conference theme.

We are currently developing a list of peer reviewers to help evaluate manuscript submissions within the months following the 2012 conference and hopefully after each conference in succeeding years. We will be utilizing a double blind peer review process to select and approve papers for publication. Readers will be asked to undertake the basic reviewing tasks of summarizing the article, providing a recommendation on acceptance, and listing suggestions for revision as appropriate. Because the articles will be submitted by graduate students and not established scholars, we are hoping the review feedback will be slightly more detailed and constructive to help students build a better understanding of the scholarly publishing process.

If you are interested in contributing as a peer reviewer please send an email to indicating your areas of interest and the types of papers you would like to review. Feel free to view our site, which currently includes a mock-issue with an example of the format of published works ( We will be accepting both scholarly essays and creative writing pieces.

Call for Peer Reviewers: Journal of Graduate Research in Young People’s Materials and Culture