The Film Cultures of Young People: Producers / Consumers / Representations
JANUARY 25, 2013


The Association for Research in Cultures of Young People (ARCYP) and the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University will co-present a symposium on new research on the film cultures of young people.

The symposium will consist of two panels/roundtables and open discussion on new and emerging research on the film cultures of young people. ARCYP Members and other faculty or students are invited to send a TITLE and a 250-word statement describing their proposed 15-20-minute presentation to the symposium organizer in an e-mail message to no later than December 20, 2012. Questions or concerns may be directed to Dr. Naomi Hamer (Symposium Coordinator – or Dr. Stuart Poyntz (President, ARCYP –


This symposium seeks to present new and emerging research that addresses the cultures of production, consumption, and representation related to films produced explicitly for young people; films produced by (or in collaboration with) young people themselves; and the representations of young people in films intended for adult audiences. These interrelated film cultures are significant to the cultivation and articulation of cultural discourse, and continue to play an important but changing role in the context of interactive, digital, and mobile technologies. Presenters may apply a range of critical and interdisciplinary approaches from the areas of film studies, children’s film criticism, film history, semiotics, visual culture, media and literacy education, audience studies, among other cross-disciplinary frames and approaches.

More generally, we are interested in:

  • Critical approaches to films/vidoes for, about and by young people from interdisciplinary and/or cross-disciplinary theoretical and methodological perspectives and frameworks
  • Research and analyses from both theoretical and practitioner-oriented perspectives
  • Research that examines film/video cultures of young people from various sites of cultural production and consumption

Topics for the symposium may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Global circulation, adaptation, translation (linguistic, national, cultural) and distribution of films for/about/by young people
  • Research that critically examines issues of gender, race, sexuality, and socio-economic class, disability, and discourses of identity in relation to film cultures
  • The political and cultural economies of film for young people including examinations of film industry and film policy (e.g. rating systems in North America and internationally)
  • Cross-media adaptations, translations and other revisions or transformations of popular children’s books, fairytales and folktales in film cultures of young people
  • The role of merchandise, product placement, commercial culture in film cultures
  • Audience reception and ethnographic studies of young people as film audiences
  • The role of young people as film/video producers and collaborative producers
  • Film, video and machinima production in primary/secondary/undergraduate education; extracurricular media literacy education in non-school settings; the pedagogic role of film, video and machinima as part of media, literature, and cross-curricular education
  • The role of digital, interactive and mobile technologies in the film/video cultures of young people
  • Research on fandom (fanvids/fanfic/cosplay etc.) around films/videos for young people
CFP – The Film Cultures of Young People: Producers / Consumers / Representations