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Number 2 “Citizenship Rights of Children and Adolescents”
Deadline for papers submission: March 1, 2018
Publication date: July 2018

The hegemonic image of a child defines him or her as a human being in development, incomplete and accordingly dependant, unable to act by him/herself, even deprived of accurate moral judgment. The child image is built as the reverse image of the adult conceived as a full citizen. Nowadays, this restrictive legal-political conception of citizenship has been surpassed, giving way to practices that are acknowledged as a much more plural, open, heterogeneous and differentiate citizenship. The question is to consider if the current debate on citizenship is able to include the children and adolescents’ recognition, understanding them as actors who exercise their own (civil, political and social) citizenship. For this purpose, it is necessary to build on empirical evidence, as well as on the contributions of the new studies of childhood.

The monographic section of the second number of Sociedad e Infancias will be devoted to the papers that elaborate on this subject, its foundations and manifestations in the different geographical, cultural and social areas that constitute the reference framework of our review.

Types of Works accepted:

  • Papers for the monographic section: Original theoretical or empirical works on any topic related with the subject of the citizenship rights of children and adolescents.
  • Papers for the miscellany section: Original theoretical or empirical works on any topic related with childhood and adolescence, and/or the study of children and adolescent lives.
  • Book reviews: Evaluations and critical analysis of published works on any of the topics of interest to the review.
  • Other contributions: This open section will include different contributions on the developments of the fields of applied research, social intervention, children’s rights defence or project evaluation, mainly of those in which children and adolescents have been actively involved.

All submitted papers must be written in Spanish or Portuguese. Papers subimission Any written contribution must be submitted electronically via the review website:, according to the format provided in the “Normas para autores”. Contact: Secretary of the Review:

Sociedad e Infancias is an interdicisciplinary review intented to promote the scientific knowledge of children and adolescents lives, mainly in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, in line with the new Studies of Childhood.

CFP – Special Issue of Revista Sociedad e Infancias: Citizenship Rights of Children and Adolescents