Jeunesse 9.2 Cover

Issue 9.2 of Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures is now available. This issue includes:


New Directions
Heather Snell

Special Section on Youngsters

Introduction to Special Section, Youngsters: On the Cultures of Children and Youth
Naomi Hamer, Stuart Poyntz

Things to Do with Your Imaginary Child
Steven Bruhm

Singing and Dancing “Their Bit” for the Nation: Canadian Children’s Performances for Charity circa the First World War
Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

The Politics of Voice in Tween Girls’ Music Criticism
Diane Pecknold


“Because That’s What We Do . . . We Sit and We Drink and We Talk”: Stories and Storytelling among Street-Involved Youth
Lisa Mitchell, Marion Selfridge

Digital Piracy, Digital Practices: Changing Discourse on Young People and Downloading in Canadian Newspapers
Heather Osborne

Constructing the Twentieth-Century Child: Postcolonial Retellings of Estevanico from Cabeza de Vaca’s La Relación
Cristina Rhodes

Review Essays

Revisiting The Shocking Truth About Indians in Textbooks
Sean Carleton

Stories about Strength and Disability: How We Get Along
Nicole Markotić

Teen Bedrooms as Sites of Self-Actualization and Containment
Mary-Ann Shantz

Childhood Studies Goes to War
Ashley Henrickson

Deeply Rooted in Our History
Melanie Morin-Pelletier

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