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2018 Keyman Conference, Buffett Institute for Global Studies, October 18-20, 2018
Call for Papers
Youth and Education in Turkey
Deadline for abstracts: July 1, 2018

Youth and education are central to political contestation in today’s Turkey. While the AKP government is engaged in creating a new generation in its own image, youth, parents and educators grapple with ongoing institutional transformations in the education system. The constant state of flux in schools, curricula and examination systems, the rapid expansion of religious schools, the commodification of education at all levels of schooling, the disjuncture between curricula and labor market needs, the challenges to critical thinking and academic freedom, and the dismissal of thousands of teachers and university professors from their jobs generate omnipresent concern among different stakeholders.

The 2018 Keyman Conference calls for papers that examine the state of ongoing transformation in education in Turkey. While education as an ideological tool to cultivate national identity and a compliant and productive citizenry has long formed the core of educational research, less available are studies that focus on the institutional and cultural aspects of education. We will take a historical perspective in this conference, in order to discuss recurrent patterns as well as ruptures. While we remain interested in what takes place in the classroom, we encourage participants to take education beyond its narrow definition of formal schooling. We encourage ethnographic and survey-based research that analyze the changing institutions, social hierarchies, meaning and practices in Turkey’s field of education.

Issues participants may explore include:

  • Definition(s) and experiences of education
  • Institutional changes in formal education(such as regulatory bodies, educator appointments, curricula, textbooks)
  • Social inequalities in access to education
  • Civil society initiatives
  • Use of digital technology
  • Education beyond schooling
  • School to work transitions
  • Youth’s civic participation
  • Mobility

Submit your abstract online at:

CFP – Youth and Education in Turkey