The St. Catherine University MLIS Program announced today that Research on Diversity in Youth Literature (RDYL) 2.2 is now available. This peer-reviewed, online, open access journal is hosted by the MLIS Program and St. Kate’s Library. 

Table of Contents

  • Edwidge Danticat Forum
    • (Introduction) “Forum: The Limitless Vision of Edwidge Danticat’s Work for Young People” by Katharine Capshaw
    • “‘Leave Us Good News’: Collective Narrations of Migration in Mama’s Nightingale” by Amy Fish
    • “The Sound of Separation: The Stravinskian Resonances of Edwidge Danticat’s Untwine” by Paula Weinman
    • “The Art of Death: Grief and Loss in Edwidge Danticat’s Untwine” by Alicia E. Ellis
    • “Call and Response: Constructed Identity and Legible Experience in Danticat’s Young Adult Novels” by Anastasia M. Collins
  • Articles
    • “Reimagining Queer Death in Young Adult Fiction” by Katelyn R. Browne
    • “From Pages to Pedagogy: Studying Fictional Social Justice English Teachers in Young Adult Literature” by Henry Cody Miller, Mario P. Worlds, and Tianna Dowie-Chin
    • “‘Whose Side Are You On?’ Moral Consequences of Young Readers’ Responses to To Kill a Mockingbird” by Autumn A. Allen
    • “Reading Relational in Mildred D. Taylor: Toward a Black Feminist Care Ethics for Children’s Literature” by Wesley S. Jacques
    • “De-politicized Diversity in the American Girl Brand” by Sami Schalk
  • Book Reviews
    • Amos, Yukari Takimoto and Daniel Miles Amos, eds. Children’s Literature from Asia in Today’s Classrooms: Toward Culturally Authentic Interpretations. Rowman & Littlefield, 2018. 122 pages. ISBN: 978-1475843675. Review written by Ntihya Sivashankar
    • Saguisag, Lara. Incorrigibles and Innocents: Constructing Childhood and Citizenship in Progressive Era Comics. Rutgers UP, 2018. 248 pages. ISBN: 978-0813591766. Review written by Cristina Rhodes
  • Cover Art
    • “The Future in Our Hands” by Valerie Noisette

About RDYL Collaboratively founded in December 2016, Research on Diversity in Youth Literature’s mission is to publish scholarship attending to issues of diversity, equity, social justice, inclusion, and intersectionality in youth literature, culture, and media

The journal, published twice a year,  is supported by the Children’s Literature Association Diversity Research Grant; the American Library Association Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services; St. Catherine University; and West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

RDYL accepts essays on a rolling basis. Please see our submission guidelines and consider submitting your essays and book review suggestions:

Research on Diversity in Youth Literature 2.2 out now!