Postdoctoral Fellow, Six Seasons of the Asiniskow Ithiniwak


Jennifer is a Settler-Canadian scholar whose research and writing focuses on the relationship between arts-based research, community engagement, and social justice. She holds an MA in Material and Visual Culture from the University College of London and a PhD in Visual Anthropology from the University of Victoria. Since 2012, she has held a much loved research position with the Residential and Indian Day School Art Research Program (RIDSAR) that has included collaborations with Residential School Survivors, Elders, academics, artists, students, and heritage professionals. From 2017-2018 she held a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Cultural Studies Department at Queen’s University and continues to maintain a position as Collaborator with the Creative Conciliations Collective researching the production of visual culture and aesthetic action pertaining to (re)conciliation work currently underway across the territories now known as Canada. She is very excited to take on the role of Postdoctoral Fellow with the Six Seasons of the Asiniskow Ithiniwak: Reclamation, Regeneration, and Reconciliation Partnership Project at the University of Winnipeg. With this position, she hopes to continue to engage in critical dialogues concerning the need for public institutions such as museums, galleries, and universities to take active roles in producing anti-colonial, anti-oppressive, and inclusive pedagogies and the essential role creative and community engagement plays in these debates.


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