CRYTC Research Coordinator, Project Manager of Six Seasons of the Asiniskow Ithiniwak
Phone: 204-786-9351


I completed my BA (Honors) in English here at the University of Winnipeg, and I also have a Creative Communications Diploma from Red River College and a MA in Rhetoric and Communication Design from the University of Waterloo. My MA thesis, entitled Does NME Even Know What a Music Blog Is?: The Rhetoric and Social Meaning of MP3 Blogs, argues that MP3 files greatly affect MP3 blogs in terms of shaping them as a genre separate from general weblogs and music blogs without MP3s, especially due to the impact of MP3 blog aggregators; a particular form of rhetoric illuminated by Kenneth Burke’s dramatistic ratios; and a potentially subversive subculture, which like other subcultures, exists in a symbiotic relationship with the traditional media it defines itself against. While I haven’t specialized in young people’s texts, I have found ways to incorporate research on such texts in some of my work, including my chapter about MP3s in Seriality and Texts for Young People: The Compulsion to Repeat (Palgrave, 2014). I have also assisted with marketing for the Children’s Museum.

Since 2009, I’ve been Research Coordinator at the Centre for Research in Young People’s Texts and Cultures, where I assist the director with managing various research projects, planning and hosting symposia and lectures, and overseeing communication activities, including the design and maintenance of websites. In 2017, I became the Project Manager for the Six Seasons of Asiniskow Ithiniwak: Reclamation, Regeneration, and Reconciliation, a SSHRC Partnership Grant project that seeks to move forward the ongoing work of reclaiming Indigenous languages, histories, and knowledges among the Asiniskow Ithiniwak (Rocky Cree) of northern Manitoba. From 2009 to 2017, I was the Managing Editor of CRYTC’s academic journal Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures, and I currently sit on the editorial board.

My research interests include cultural studies, memory studies, futurity, digital media and humanities, and the intersection of music, labour, gender, and politics.

Degrees Received

M.A., University of Waterloo
B.A. (Hons), University of Winnipeg
Creative Communications Diploma (Major: Advertising), Red River College

Current Research in Progress

  • “The Irony and the Ecstasy: The Queer Aging of Pet Shop Boys and LCD Soundsystem in Electronic Dance Music.”


Conference Presentations

  • “Collaboration and Community Engagement: The Six Seasons of the Asiniskow Ithiniwak.” Roundtable with Warren Cariou, Mavis Reimer, Helen Robinson-Settee, and Doris Wolf. Association for Research in the Cultures of Young People session, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Regina, 2018.
  • “Journal Challenges.” Panel with Rilla Frisen and Kate Keating. Canadian Association of Learned Journals Conference, Ryerson University, 2017.
  • “An Open Book?: Open Access and Music Scholarship in Canada.” Panel with Elise Bergeron, Karen Fournier, Cathy Martin, Brian McMillan, Heather Sparling. Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres Conference, University of Toronto, 2017.
  • “Managing Vendors.” Panel with Antonia Pop and Cameron Macdonald. Canadian Association of Learned Journals Conference, University of Calgary, 2016.
  • “Climbing the Slippery Slope of the Tower of Hope: Narratives of Progress in the Design and Discussion of the CMHR.” With Chris Campbell. Caring for Difficult Knowledge: Prospects for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Workshop, University of Winnipeg, 2013.
  • “Public Service Announcements with Guitars: What Happens When Rock ‘n Roll Becomes the Cause?” Music & Labour, International Association for the Study of Popular Music Canada Conference, McMaster University, 2013.
  • “MP3 as Contentious Message: When Infinite Repetition Fuses with the Acoustic Sphere.” Narrative, Repetition, and Texts for Young People, University of Winnipeg, 2011.
  • “MP3 as Message: What Does it Say Music is Worth in the 21st Century?” Marshall McLuhan in a Post Modern World: Is the Medium the Message?, University of Winnipeg, 2010.
  • “Does NME Even Know What a Music Blog Is?: The Rhetoric of MP3 Blogs and Social Meaning.” PopPrint: Continuities and Innovations: Popular Print Cultures—Past and Present, Local and Global, University of Alberta, 2008.