The Centre for Research in Young People’s Texts and Cultures managed From Access to Engagement: Initiatives at The University of Winnipeg in Support of Educationally Marginalized Children and Youth, 1988-2017, a project funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Aid to Small Universities Grant from 2014 to 2017. Sub-project posters were presented on December 6,
2017 – see event photos.

This interdisciplinary project included the following sub-projects:

  • Leaning into Discomfort: Understanding Marginalized Children and Youth Through Service Learning by Lee Anne Block (Education)
  • Campus Climate for 2SLGBTQ* Students, Staff, and Faculty at UW by Heather Milne (English), Christopher Campbell (Education), Catherine Taylor (Rhetoric/Education, Associate Dean of Arts), and Larissa Wodtke (CRYTC)
  • Access and Excellence: The Writing Program Then and Now by Jennifer Clary-Lemon (Rhetoric)
  • Successes and Challenges of the University of Winnipeg Education Centre (WEC) by Paul DePasquale (English)
  • Beyond Access to Inclusion: The Axworthy Years 2004-2014 by Linda DeRiviere (Political Science)
  • Engaging Marginalized Members of the Community in the Axworthy Health and RecPlex by Nathan Hall (Kinesiology) and David Telles-Langdon (Kinesiology)
  • We Are All Relations: An Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR) as Part of a Good Way to Reconciliation by Helen Lepp Friesen (Rhetoric)
  • The Awareness and Opinions of the University of Winnipeg Populace in Regard to the University Community Access and Engagement Initiatives by Nathan Hall (Kinesiology)

More information on this project can be found on the UW Community Engagement Research website.